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RSVU (Regional Special Vehicles Unit) consists of 100% volunteers committed to using their skills to help others. These volunteers dedicate themselves to serving the communities of King County with partnerships throughout Washington State. The RSVU team strives to follow the most current rescue methodology by maintaining proficiency in search and rescue techniques, wilderness, off-road navigation, operations, first aid, logistics, operations, and communications. We have regular trainings to continually improve and practice providing the safest, expedient, and effective rescue operations available while maintaining professionalism and privacy for the subject.

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We Need Help From People Like You!

As with any search and rescue team, there is a considerable amount of funds needed to run a successful operation team. Our largest expenses come from needing to update rescue equipment, protective equipment, and individual supplies for subjects, insurance for the vehicles, members, and trailers, maintenance for the vehicles (oil, tires, parts, etc.), communication gear (radios), recovery gear, and training both for improvement and required by Washington State.

Who are the volunteers?


RSVU members come from a vast number of backgrounds and many also maintain positions in other search and rescue units. This team brings together an abundant knowledge of search and rescue experience to help rescue subjects quickly and efficiently.


RSVU is a registered non-profit with the majority of the money used to run the unit coming through fundraisers, grants, employee matching benefits, and donations. RSVU operates under the guidance of King County Office of Emergency Management.